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Efficiency Improvement

The single largest energy-consumer in a building is its HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. It accounts for almost 60% of the total energy cost in a building. As such, most energy conservation measures place priority on improving the efficiency of the HVAC system.

Replacing an older chiller, for example, will definitely reduce energy usage. Whilst it makes sense from a green perspective, new chillers can be a huge financial strain. An ideal alternative is to enhance the system efficiency of the existing air-conditioning system. Most energy conservation opportunities lie in chilled water circulation, condenser water circulation, chiller efficiency, air side circulation and mechanical ventilation. With the right optimisation program, even very old chillers can regain the same efficiency as when it was first commissioned.

Comfort Management’s innovations solutions help building management see vast improvement on the efficiency of HVAC system, without the need to replace new equipment. 

Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)

Our EPC program not only guarantees the energy savings for building owners, we assist you to pursue energy efficiency goals with no interruptions and compromises to business operations and comfort level.

Building owners can also opt for the zero outlay approach and have the project cost invested by Comfort Management and pay us through the energy savings that you have achieved. We provide a risk free path to attain your sustainability goals.

Government schemes available such as BCA Green Mark Incentive provide grants to eligible parties to defray part of the project cost and shorten the payback period. 

Find out more about how EPC has successfully help building owners in attaining their goals.

ESPC Workflow

Free of Charge Preliminary Audit

Free of Charge Preliminary Audit

1 - 3 weeks
  • A walk through energy audit will be conducted at your premises
  • System operating conditions will be determined
  • Your recent 1 year energy consumption according to the energy bills will be collected and analyzed
  • Basic data logging and simulating test will be performed
  • Expected savings will be determined
  • Proposal Presentation

    Proposal Presentation

    2 weeks
  • Preliminary energy audit findings and proposal will be submitted
  • Contract Negotiation

    Contract Negotiation

    2 weeks
  • Responsibilities of both parties will be specified
  • Method of savings will be established
  • Zero cost implementation to customer, if requested.
  • Sharing of savings and contract period will be specified
  • Detail Energy Audit

    Detail Energy Audit

    4 weeks
  • Power meters will be installed to record kWh consumption of equipments and systems
  • Data logging and spot measurement of system operating conditions
  • Detailed analysis and simulations will be performed
  • Establishment of benchmark to assess future real savings
  • Customer representative will witness the whole process
  • Project Implementation

    Project Implementation

    8 - 36 weeks
  • Energy conservation measures will be implemented by segments
  • Energy usage and operating conditions will be recorded before and after the project
  • Customer representative will witness the whole process
  • A completion report will be submitted for each segment of conservation measures implemented
  • Energy Monitoring & Management

    Energy Monitoring & Management

    ≥ 5 years
  • Energy savings achieved will be calculated and witnessed by customer's representative
  • Energy savings report will be submitted monthly
  • An invoice will be submitted for share of savings according to agreement
  • Continuous monitoring, verification and updates will be submitted to customer
  • Talk to us to find out how EPC can benefit your organisation.